Friday, March 2, 2012

Rough Sketch

Jarfield Cloddingdish just a rough sketch today.  Juggling drawing and writing. 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Welcome to BoogerFart Island!

The man that met us at the dock looked like something out of a safari catalogue, if there is such a thing, the pith helmet on his head matched the perfectly pressed khaki jacket, shirt, cargo shorts, socks and boots, “Hiho” he chirped as he walked toward us hands outstretched offering to carry our bags “I’m Cloddingdish, Jarfield Cloddingdish, but you can call me “Clod” everyone does, Welcome to Boogerfart Island!” “Well thanks Clod I’m Fairly Gravystains, the guy who wrote you about coming here and filming and this is my girlfriend slash cinematographer Kat Flickingham.
“Well, it’s great to meet you both, let’s see if we can get you two settled in and maybe we can get in a quick tour of the island before it gets too dark” his eyes squinting behind his round wire rimmed glasses to the imagined darkness and his “how do ya do!” grin turning into a perplexed puffing of the cheeks behind a mustache a walrus would be proud of.
“Sounds like a plan Clod the boat ride left us antsy and ready to roll” I stammered as we made our way up the path to the bungaloes.